Ravenscar half marathon 8th May 2016

The miles went: 558,622,620,649,644,630,627,920,1004,844,747,804,738.

The first lady was Rhona Haslam in 01:44:06 71 and the race was won by Richard Pattinson in 01:26:27 22.

I managed 8th position in 1:38.

The course record was achieved last year in 1:25 so you can see it’s not a fast PB course.

The Race is billed as a
13.1 mile challenging off road half marathon, Starting from Ravenscar Village Hall situated 700 feet above sea level, overlooking Robin Hood’s Bay in the North York Moors National Park and midway between Whitby and Scarborough, the route then gently descends the beautiful coastal path along the dramatic sea cliffs, with panoramic views down the coast line towards Scarborough, on reaching Petard point its through Staintondale via open fields, woodland and the disused railway line until you reach Cloughton Wyke, then its back to Ravenscar all the way on the coastal footpath via the via the picturesque roller coastal of Hayburn Wyke (that’s a nice way of saying a killer of a down and uphill section that will make your legs and lungs burn). Then back to Ravenscar for those stunning sea cliff views (though you will still be sweating from the last bit and hoping for the sea wind not to blow).

1 Robert Goodrum

I wasn’t really fit to run a half marathon but a few friends wanted to do it, the weather was fine – so why not? I didn’t look up the route or past times and arrived just in time although I was at the back when the start went off, probably not ideal. Any way you can see how the miles went so I managed to get a few places early on. To win this race you need to do a fast first mile as once you reach the cliff tops it’s very difficult to get past anyone.

2 Mr Artist

TBH veterans who have done Hardmooors100 or 50 will know this course as I think this forms the last part. I can’t imagine doing this Ultra, this half was enough for me. This course is an out and back. The first bit is easier. Though I haven’t done much running along cliff tops, fun but fairly dangerous! You wouldn’t have liked a strong wind here. Stunning views of rolling mist, though you might say spectacular as it was quite ghostly. Apparently it’s the town that never was.

The route was well marked lots of lovely, friendly motivational marshals and water – sorely needed on day like this. I stopped at every station and had a cup. You certainly don’t want to get dizzy dehydration spells along cliff tops do you?

The race was organised by Scarborough Mountain rescue and all funds went to this very worthy service – much better than a useless medal or another t-shirt.

Not sure how high altitude affects your running but my breathing was heavy as if I had already ran a marathon after only a couple of miles. At about 3 miles you cross a stream. I was running with this lad(Kevin) for quite a bit I think 9-10 miles. As you can see not much room to get past people.

3Chris Reaction Photography

It was the first either of us had tried this half though he said to keep some for the second half; as it was harder according to his mate.

As you can see from the mile splits at 8 miles on the disused railway there was a huge sunken staircase some safe? looking bridges, all great fun. Then when you thought that was it. Another set of stairs, which totally wiped you out. Thankfully at Petard point there was a lovely marshall with W A T E R aaahh.
You couldn’t get a nicer cup of water. Got sunburnt in the vest but first bit of sunshine of the year so can’t complain.

There were a few more uphill roads to the finish. Really enjoyed this, though very heavy on the knees all them bloody stairs. Highly recommended unless you are marathon/ Ultra/ Tri training for a big event as the uneven ground could cause injury.

Thanks very much for fantastic organisation Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain rescue team also gave us plenty of juice, water and flapjacks while we tried to recover.

On the roads there and back i’ve never seen so many sausages it was like going to the butchers – viscera all over the place.